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Helping people flourish.

After years of delivering root cause medicine in the insurance model, the integrative medicine community has witnessed the stark realities of what medicine has become under the shackles of the insurance model. Insurance companies now essentially dictate what type of care you can receive, what labs your providers can order and ultimately what is classed as being "medically necessary" for you. They have never met you and do not know anything about your care. This ties the hands of your health care practitioners who have actually been trained to know what is best for you as an individual. 

We work for you, not your insurance company.


In an effort to retain the right to order and deliver the medicine we see fit for you as an individual, we developed the FMF model of care. This will ensure our ongoing ability to dig deeper into your root cause medicine and continue  delivering proactive care not simply reactionary medicine which waits for a problem to show up before looking into your health.

We are a true health care system, not a disease management system.

Along with Functional Medicine of Idaho, it is time to offer a cash-based sister company offering affordable membership pricing allowing for a personalized plan for each of our patients desiring a deeper dive in advanced hormone optimization, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, most of which are not acknowledged by insurance payers. We are honored and excited to serve you at an even higher level where we can work with you in attaining the best version of you.


Helping people flourish.

Welcome to FMF.

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